Some Big News & Maintenance

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As of late, I’ve been obsessed with my totally free version of RPG Maker XP, called RPG Maker XP Postality Knights Enhanced Edition.

Anyway I’ve started up a game in it where the main focus is to help people, fight evil, and convince the mayor of Verona City that a burglar is not in Verona so he can release the lockdown. So far this game is about a half of a third of the way to being finished. Whew, do I have a lot of work to do.

A trailer will be up soon, have heart.

The game, called “Helpful Hints”, is my main focus right now, so I may neglect OZ for a while until I’m into it enough to stop for a while.

In other news, my main goal this year is to have the first four bosses in Phantom Hourglass DONE by December 30. Can I do it? Pretty sure I can, I’m already on the Isle of Gust (second dungeon).

In an interview with IGN, Shigeru Miyamoto, noted creator of Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, and many others, says:
“The Zelda team in particular always works on Zelda titles. The core members of the Zelda team have for a very long time now been focused on Zelda games, and continue to focus on Zelda games, so they are hard at work and working away. And then, of course, we have the DS Zelda team as well, so even there we’re having some switching of people in and out where the DS team is mixing in with the Wii team and working on the Wii version. I don’t necessarily think it (Zelda) will change that drastically, but I think that Zelda is a franchise that does need some big new unique ideas. And so the team right now is very focused on trying to find those ideas.”

Now, onto the website news.

Zelda Temple, your link has been updated.

BIGTIME, I mean BIG maintenance will begin at 6:45 Monday.



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Alright, so I received this email from this guy, he claims his name is  Tony Hallwood. The email is very long in that he keeps saying “OMEGA ZELDA FTW!!!” in many different ways, but the gist of it is that he has asked me numerous questions, and asked me to answer them on OZ.

Q. What web browser do you use?

A. Currently, Netscape Navigator 9. simple and gets the job done. Used to use Firefox though. Oh, the good ol’ days.

Q. Have you beat any zelda games?

A. Yeah, just recently I beat ALttP, but before that i beat The Minish Cap.

Q. Could I be featured as a writer on OZ?

A. Well, probably not. I’d need a background check and a resume-like deal.

Alright Tony, that’s all I’m answering since all the other questions were personal.

Keep it simple,


The Zelda Quiz

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Go HERE for a quiz to find out what Zelda character you are.

Zelda fan club

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Yes, its true. Its ALL true.

Go HERE to join.

All done.

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UPDATE: The banner has been changed. I did it in Photoshop in about 7 minutes. Very simple, just a lot of drop shadow.

As I said, I would have the new updates done by tomorrow yesterday, and they are, officially finito.

Although I would like to change the banner sometime… since that’s not my catchphrase anymore (Zelda PWNAGE. The new catch phrase is Revealing cool stuff about Zelda.)

I’m working on the banner image RIGHT NOW, so yeah. RIGHT NOW!!! Anyway, I wonder if this works:

Read the last post..

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The main design finish has been done, although there are a few more things I wish to do.

The big post.

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I know this is probably my largest post in my blogging history, but please take the time to read it.

You heard me. Since I no longer am a true fan of Metroid, I have switched back to the good ol’ Omega Zelda. So, what’s next, you say?

Currently, Omega Zelda is going under some heavy maintenance. You can still view the site during this time, because the darn WordPress thing won’t allow me to lock the site for a few hours.

Since I am now quite talented in Game Maker 7.0, I am currently working on a first person Zelda game. If you’ve ever played the PC Nancy Drew games (Blackmoor Manor, Secret of the Scarlet Hand, Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon etc) you’ll know what kind of game this is. Its like you see a screen, theres little buttons on the sides that you go to different screens with. And enemies are bad, birds sing, and in the end everybody lives happily ever after. Except the villain, they’re usually in the penetentiary.

I am also looking for applicants for jobs:

1. Graphics designer (helps do graphics, headers, wallpapers, sprites, etc)
2. Writers (max. 2. (writes for the blog ^_^))
3. Game Maker experts (help with coding, graphics, sounds, design)

If you want to apply for a job, email me at

The new section, Music, is also part of the new big design. Since I am an aspiring composer, I thought I would take up the VG genre first. I bet you’ve probably downloaded from Newgrounds before. You haven’t? Well, what you do is, you click the download button. Don’t worry, if that’s too difficult for you, I’ll have little flashcards for you, m’kay?

The new design will be finished by tomorrow.